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Date: June 25th 1916

D Company 67 Batt Pioneer Regt.



June 25th, 1916

Anwyl Mam a nhad ar tylu.

I hope you are still all in good health as I still remain to be, but I am very anxious I have not had a letter from you for over two weeks.  The mails must be held up somewhere, and I do miss your letters very much as they are the things that remind one of home so do write as often as you can Mam.  I try to write one every week if I can so I shall expect one every week from you all also if you can find time to write, I know you are usually very busy with housework and Auntie busy chasing chaps, pretending to go to the store for groceries.  Now then Auntie.  Well we are still plodding along with bull, but it is nearly all field work, digging trenches and route marches, whoever made our pack and equipment in Canada, ought to use it himself, that is all our wishes, but it is all a part of the days work and we don’t worry very much.

I am still not able to say when we will be going to the front or what front we will go to- probably to France.

I wish you would give best regards to Mrs. Young and tell her I will write her soon, and to all the neighbors, and to all the people that ask so kindly after me.

I have not had another chance to go to Wales, as they are giving no long leave passes in the 4th Division at the present time, but I will get a weekend to go to London to see Howell in a short time.  I have written to Elury House several times but I have had no answer.  I hope I have not offended them in any way.  I think that I had them sore by going to stay at Aunty Hannah.  They were very mad over it I think and I wish you would tell them in your next letter that I could not help it as I could not pass Aunty Hannah and when I seen that the house was full up I wanted to go to Elury House and Nain told me that she would never forgive me if I left. So will you explain to them how my hands were tied Mam bach, as I wanted to keep in good with all the family but it is difficult. 

Well I must finish now and with my very best love to you all

I remain

Your most loving son


P.S. I have enclosed a small snap of your most

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