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Date: December 18th 1944
Helen and Howie


No. 7 C.I.B. R.C.E.M.A. C.A.O.


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well my love I started a letter to you the other night but just could not write so I am making a better stab at it tonight. Not that I don’t want to write but you know when you arn’t in the mood how it is. And I wasn’t in the best spot. However how are you and Howie making out I am just fine as could be under the present conditions did you receive my last letter written since I moved.

I am staying with some people hear so it is comfortable at night after work. I told you I was in the shop I was then but I didn’t like it and they needed me on a mack so that’s where I am back driving it’s a wrecker the last one avgs a 40 ton transport this is a little easyer to handle thank gosh. We have a café not far away nothing to do much only play pool and listen to the Radio. The boys get together and have a sing song once in a while so the time don’t go to bad. I am practically my own boss so you will have to put me in my place when I get back. I have been my own boss neerly all the time pretty lucky don’ t you think I am trying to get a day or two of to I can go and get my radio and some more of my things and those shoes I promised you I couldn’t get them away to you as they weren’t finished and I couldn’t take them with me OK well we shall see I may get back some way. The mayn thing now is to get the war over and then get home. That word home I will shor be glad to find out what it meens again. How is Shorty making out I hope he don’t land over here.

I still havn’t answered his letter there are a lot mor I should answer but well. you have heard it befor I just don’t get down to it. Have you heard from May and Kay if so how are they doing. I havn’t had any mail since I came here but it may come through any day now and I havn’t my pay book so I can’t draw any pay but I don’t need any here any way but it is a good way to save it up. I havn’t drawn any pay for over two months now. Well honey just seems as though I have run out of words I wish you where here no I don’t wish that but I wish I was with you so you could cheer me up a bit I can’t explain what is wrong with me I guess I am just plain fed up. One day you figure well it won’t be long now then something happens and you figure well it may last another five years. One sort of gets tired of living in hopes don’t they. Do you ever feel like that honey? As I have said befor and as I say over and over every day I will stick it out till the end thank god I have the best wife and son a man could wish for. They will have to make a lot mor inventions to split us up won’t they. Well I must close now I will write soon and in ink the next time all I have is a pencil here they’r isn’t any ink around. So I hope you can make it out. All my love dearest I love you and as I said I am always thinking of you. Yours dearest

Your husband



Give lots of love to Howie for me. Always yours.

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