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Date: December 26th 1942
Helen and Howard

Dec 26 1942

Dearest Helen and Howard.

Well how is my love I hope you and babe is feeling fine  because I am but dog on I wish I could be there with you I have been trying to think of a way to go back but just can’t make it. well honey I am feeling OK except for being darn homestick. I was in the kichen Christmas day and half the night. so got fed pretty good but all the cooks were drunk and myself and another lad had to do darn neer all the work. But I shouldn’t be beefing to you about a little thing like that should I. Honey that was shore a swell card you sent and very well picked the verce is shore all true and kind of makes a fellows heart not up. have you ever felt that way I bet. I hope and I don’t think I need to hope very much do I? How is little Howard give him a bunch of love and all that does with it till I get back and then I will make up for lost time. Gosh honey I wish I could walk back because I am afraid I would try it.

We are going on a little scheem Mon. and I hope it isn’t cold as that darn old truck is pretty cold. But you know somthin we havn’t had any snow here yet and it won’t hurt my feelings if we don’t get any. Just imagine my first Christmas without snow. And I hope my last over here. Well you said in your letter you were going to stay in Calgary and asked me what I thought of it. Well you know what I think. But I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t figure I could trust you. As long as I don’t find out I am O.K but you know my bigest falt is getting jealous and you can shore make me do that can’t you. But please don’t because God only knows what may happen when you start fooling around if I get wind of it. Well I don’t think there is any sence in my saying that is there because you already know. And here’s hopeing we will be together soon. Now that we have the little fellow we have more to think about hey. Well honey write and tell me every think like you did in the last letter I received. Honey I think I will have to say goodnight for now sweatheart and will write again very soon.

With mor love than I can explain

Popa Bill


P.S. If you don’t get your letters four at a time it won’t be my falt just remember honey there are boats going down all the time. 

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Original Scans