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Date: February 7th 1943
Helen and Babe

Feb. 7/43

Dearest Helen & Babe

Well here I am again honey. I haven’t had a letter since I wrote the last on last week. But I suppose they will all get here sooner or later. Well how are you I hope your are both fine. I am OK now I am still on the Bren gun carrier but if I ever have a chance to get back on my truck I am shore going to do it. I said in the last letter that I was thinking of going on leave But it looks like I will just have to make it wait because money just don’t grow on trees. I have had no word from Ben for some time in fact ever since I went to see him. I should drop him a lone one of these days And I still havn’t got those pictures taken. but I hope to make a stab at is next weekend. But honey just because I neglect it I hope you don’t so please don’t keep me waiting to teach me a lesson. I have just been doing a little washing and boy that grease is hard to get out. I try and do a little every Sat. but it seems I could wash ebery day and still not keep them cleen. I also went over to the Q M store and got me a knew pair of pants and a Gray coat as I have grown out of my others. So I may be a man when I get back after all. We arn’t doing much here now but washing out trucks up and that is know easy job. We had another show here last night and it was pretty good ToP HaTs was the name you may have seen it. You know every time I see a show I think of the nights we used to go to the Grand. It was grand to wasn’t it. Well honey when I start to write about things like that it is time to quit don’t you think or even when I am driving along in the truck it seems I can’t get you off my mind a min. In a way it is good but it makes me mad when I think of not knowing how long it will be till I can get back and see you and Howard. And injoy life like we did before But I suppose it is the same with you when when you have the we one to keep you company. I have men to keep my mind of off things but know one is the same or could take your part in my life. Well the heck with that speach. You know how it is without me saying it. and now honey I have nothing right now to write so till next week, my love I will say good night honey and with all my love I am yours



P.S. Well honey you know next thing I know it will be a year since we got married I hope we are together to selobrate the next one don’t you. Well honey I am thinking of you always and now it is five after eight. by my watch wich ceeps perfect time thanks again honey. Its swell. Be good and write soon. and often. Good night my loves.

[His name spelled out in Xs and Os]

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Original Scans