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Date: February 14th 1945


Dearest Helen just a note to send with these phony snaps I told you about in the air mail For god sake don’t tell Howie that’s his old man or he will disown me. You may to I guess I have changed a lot But I suppose we all have. I know most of the boys over here have its not an easy like a times but it makes us appreciate a home and boy honey if you think I don’t just wait till I get there and get into that bed with you real close to me and I think you will find out. Will close now as I must write mom and I will write you soon as ever your loving

Husband Bill


P.S. Arnold said he wants to drop a like to you so see if you can figure it out.

Love dearest

Hallo lieffeling nog evenlie. Hisshien ben ik er Eerden dan Han onish missien gelijk. Han verfelde mij dat ik u moest sehijven dat u vast uit-moest kyken naar een meirje wan it-is iaar o. k good baij ik Darling alifwider horen.

I l Veldhaven

Walifraafer o26



Original Scans

Original Scans