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Date: February 21st 1943

Feb. 21/ 1943/

Dearest Helen.

Well I hope you aren’t to mad to read this letter. Because I have gone over a week without writing. But here gose. We are on a scheem now and I am sitting in the truck and I suppose I will leave sib, get this started and I will have to move off. I received your swell card. Say how long did you look for that verce it realy hit the nail on the head didn’t it. Well my love how is Howard I shore hope he is fine. Oh yes about you going to Acme I think it is a swell idea in fact it is better than I can explain.

Well here I am back to finish this letter my love. I did just like I said I was going to do move of just as I got started. Well honey I know this is a long time between letters but I have know excuse and I am never to busy to write. Ge kid you and the baby shore look swell in those pictures. You talk about you missing me put your-self in thought and think what you would feel like if you never had Howard or me and that is just the way I feel. I get so darnd fed up that I feel like getting the heck out of here. and make my way back. But when you stop and think of what it would meen to get caught at it I just havn’t any choice to tell you the truth why I never wrote sooner is because I just felt so darn mean or fed up should I say that I just didn’t write not to you never. But the way every think has been going over here. One day you think well it may be all over soon and then some other dam thing gose wrong and it looks like we never will get it over with. What we came over here for I don’t know and I don’t think any one els dose. I had to get up at 3oclock this morning and come out here to the rifle ranges and right now I am waiting till 8 to get a train home it is now 4 min past 2. You asked me in the last letter what I think of Howard Well I think the same as you do he is shore a cute looking little monkey isn’t he darn I wish I could see you both so darn bad that I can’t think of any thing but you. Well I hope that is enough of that as you can see I don’t like to think about it because I can’t see you till this darn way is over and my branes are worn out trying to figure which way to turn yellow or go in and see if I can do a little bit to help out getting it over. I shore hope your Dr can fix you up which I think they can. If they did Eva. Say honey I havn’t heard or seen Ben but I don’t think he will be getting married for a while as all leaves are cansled. That’s all I can say so you can think it out for your self. But I got a litter a while ago saying he was afraid that he has a lot more red tape to go through but in a way I hope he gets it some time as he realy thinks a lot of her. Well I wish I was there to give the babe his bottle instead of here giving some one the order hault about 4 in the morning heres hoping again that he is still getting it when I get there because I wan’t my turn at it as well as you. I will try and make this me last page as the boys are getting tired of waiting and I will write soon a lot sooner than last time. How do you like the see blew ink I got it in the Y.M.C.A and it must be all watered Well Goodbye my love for now keep up waiting and be good it will all be over soon? With all ym love honey I love you dearest.

Papa Bill Evans


Your mail has been coming swell.

[“ALL LOVE DEAR” spelled out in Xs]

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Original Scans