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Date: November 30th 1917
Jessie Davidson
J.F. Davidson


Corp. J.F. DAVIDSON Writes.

Corp, J,F, Davidson, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H, Davidson, Cambome, writes his sister from 'Somewhere in (France) Flanders as follows - under date of Nov, 3rd:

Your letter of Sept, 20th and parcel to hand a few days ago, and thank you ever so much. Everything came through fine, and say, the way we cleaned up on the butter was a shame. But in future do not bother about tobacco as we have a pretty fair brand issued now. Our boys just made a meal of the cakes and cookies and the butter for we had some good bread. I had just bought a tin of honey that day. So we feasted up to the eyes. You can partly understand why I have not written very often as our chances lately have been few. For ten days I did not have my boots off. But we are in good shape now, so I will try and catch up with my letter writing as I have a bunch, to do. Well, cheer up, I am enjoying good health but I am very tired of the war and I hope that it will be over before long and let us boys get back to our trades. Well, give my best regards to all and love to all our own.
FRANK. Corp J.F. DAVIDSON, 434183, 50th Battalion, Can. Infantry, B.E.F, France