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Date: July 20th 1918

July 20th 1918

Dear Family.

My last letter to you was written while in line at Eva’s in Reading. We came back Saturday at 6 & that evening went to the theatre with Uncle Bruce Caldwell. Had a box & Mary came too. It was “Fair and Warmer” starring Fay Compton.

Sunday morning we went to service in St. Paul’s and after that was over had a look in at Westminster Abbey. Wandered all about the cloisters.  In the afternoon Jean Daniel, Mary & I took a bus out to N

Kew Gardens. When we got home found we had missed Fraser-Campbell also missed him the day before while we were at Reading however I am having lunch with him to-morrow.

Yesterday Crocket & I took the 1.30 train to Leeds arriving at 6.12. I shot the girls a card that we were coming, but had no idea they would all be down at the station. Miss Hatten Pickles, [?] & Bunny Forrest were there and then they took us to our favorite restaurant Powolney’s for supper. Went up to Fairfax & talked till 10.30. Sister Symes is away in Ireland but the Sister in charge said we could have slept there, but as we had a room at the hotel we went back. This morning we were up again bright and early & at the Hospital at 9.30 saw all my favorite sisters & gave us a great welcome – Matron too was very sweet.

They would love to have us back there & if we don’t like Reading we might ask for it but it is really much nicer being so near London. Miss Martin the first V.A.D. I worked with is there & she thinks we will like it. Our address will be Park House  Parkside Road Reading, Berks. I have made rather a mess of that so will write it out again. Park House Parkside Road. Reading, Berks. Crocket, Mary & I all report the same day, Friday between 2 and 6. We had lunch in town with the girls this morning & left for London again at 1.15 arriving to-night at 6.30 so I am rather tired. It is very hot travelling these days & the trains are so crowded. We wouldn’t have missed our little Leeds jaunt for anything.

I had a couple of letters from Stan. to-night. He told me he had been over to see Atwood 3 times & that he has been sent to England. I tried to find where through the Red Cross to-night but the information Dept. was closed & I will try again in the morning. I hope he is somewhere near so I can go & see him. There has been so much influenza in England as well as France. I with finish this letter after I have found out to-morrow.

Wednesday Morning

They have had no word yet that Atwood is in England, but are going to let me know as soon as they do. Will write again as soon as I hear anything. Heaps of love to you all and don’t worry.


P.S. Jean Daniel was talking to Mr. Sutherland of M.R.A. branch here yesterday and he said we could get things through him & charge at the other end. Not that I really want anything  but he was so nice about it & in case of an emergency it’s nice to know. I am going to stick to uniform this trip though and save my money. Crocket & I are having dinner at the Piccadilly to-night with Col. Keiller Mackay and Major Nickle a.d.c to Gen. Currie.

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