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Date: August 12th

August 12th

Park House

Parkside Road

Reading, Berks.

Dear Family,

I hope you don’t mind getting letters from me in pencil but it’s much easier to write this way. I got mother’s nice letter written from Sheffield, July 21st yesterday, and as usual was so glad to get it.

I am wondering if Hazel stayed up there with Aunt Mab & if so how things worked out.

It is so hot here to-day Marion & I have just come back from town it is only 15 minutes by tram, so doesn’t take long to go and come. Now I have about ½ hr to write letters before tea time 4.15 & then at 5 I go back to the hospital till 8. I hope it cools off a bit,

This morning I got a letter from Atwood, said he was feeling much better & that he would go to London for a board in about a fortnight, so I may see him soon.

Isn’t the war news fine and I do hope it continues that way.

Yesterday we three had our half Sunday together, & as I think I told you 3 of the boys came up from Witley Camp. Capt. Mouat, Adams Bruce and a Major Hyde of Montreal. We went boating on the river all afternoon. The Thames is certainly very pretty, but so narrow and such crowds of people all about. We had dinner at the only decent hotel in Reading & got back here about 9.30. It was certainly very nice of them to come.

If Mary & I get our half day together this week we are going to Taplow to see Mignon Kerr.

Spent my half day at Eva’s last week & she is so good mannered & washed my gloves for me & did up a book I was sending to Atwood. She also wrote to Attie too. “Dinnie” at present has a slight attack of measles so we can’t go there for a few days.

The 3 of us are in one bedroom now & it makes it so much nicer. I don’t think I will ever like the place as well as Leeds though. I am sending you a picture of Park House but it is of the back looking in the garden. The front has bay windows instead of square ones & there are quite a number of trees.

Must get washed and dressed for tea now.

Tell Mrs. McNeill I saw Kennedy in London and that he was looking so well & his flying corps uniform was very becoming.

Saw Paul Stuider the other day. He is stationed, not far from here. When you are sending a parcel put in a cake of soap, some cheap note paper & a little granulated sugar in a tin – our ration is always in lumps & I long for a little to shake on puddings & rhubarb. A little tea comes in handy too.

So hope Pearl stays with you all winter. Does father have to do the censor work by himself?

Heaps of love to you all. I haven’t had time to write to many people at home yet, but remember me to all my friends.



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