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Beckette Park


Dear Mum,

Here it is a whole week gone since I last wrote. Time certainly flies in this place. I am lying out in the woods with 4 of the girls trying to get a breath of fresh air. It has been so hot the last few days that when we get off duty we take our rugs & cushions & come out here in the woods just back of the hospital and park of Beckette Park. Do you know I haven’t heard from any of you at homes for nearly 3 weeks – hope I get some letters soon. We have been awfully busy the last two weeks convoys all the time and emergency operations – amputations to save a life nearly every day. Some of them don’t know their leg or arms have been taken off till they come out of the ether. It is all too awful to write about. I had a letter from Eva the other day to tell me that poor Lawrence has had his right leg amputated. I get used to seeing the lads here missing a leg & sometimes both, but when it comes to someone you know it seems so much worse. His poor father & mother how upset they will be, still it is better that than his life. There is a Capt. McGregor here (Argyle Sutherland) great friend of Fraser-Campbell who has to have his right leg cut off. He has been in since November has had almost 8 operations is just getting about on crutches now. I had tea in town with him yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it ever so much. Last Thursday night M Magie and I had dinner with the Mannabergs. Such a lovely one too. After dinner we walked all through their garden & the grounds around the house which are magnificent, and we came away with a big bunch of flowers each. Friday night I went to the swimming bath for the first time and had a lesson from the instructor. Said he would teach me in 6 lessons. It is such a good chance to learn that I must go whenever I can. Haven’t played tennis yet although the courts are ready. We are having our fire drill demonstration on Thursday at 5 for the Col. all the M.O’s 16 are taking part and M and I are of the number. It is nearly dinner time so I must go back to the house and get dressed. The evening stays light till after 10 now and it is so hard to go to bed before it get darks we generally go for a walk around the park after supper. I wish you could be right where I am now as the scenery is wonderful such trees & hedges I have never seen. It all looks like a big garden. Had such a nice letter from Aunt Clara and she and Aunt Bess are sending me some money. Isn’t it good of them.

Must stop now. Lovingly Net

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