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Date: November 27th 1918


Nov. 27 1918

Dearest Mother

I have just finished a long let to Hazel but felt I must write you too as I got your nice newsy letter of the 10th with father’s note included, yesterday. I was so sorry to hear about father’s foot and do hope it is all better by now. Did he get anything out of Charlie MacDonald and if so how much.

I am glad to hear my letters turned up all right as I couldn’t understand why you hadn’t heard sooner. Did you ever tell Mrs. Mackay what was in Mary’s letter. I wrote her but am afraid I didn’t give her many details. Letter writing takes so much time and I seem to have so little.

We are as busy as ever here and will probably keep on being so for the hospitals in France will soon be cleared out and we will get the cases here. Have never heard from Atwood yet. Jack Fairweather was here for Mary’s wedding and he said he thought he had gone back to the trench mortars again but wasn’t sure.

Now I must tell you about Mary’s wedding. It came off at 11 on Monday in the Presbyterian church here. Her Uncle Murray got here to give her away but was the only relation present. Peter's sister was also here. Matron &  quite a lot of the staff were at the church it went off very nicely. She wore her outdoor uniform (coat & skirt) like I did. They have gone up to Scotland for their honeymoon. Mary was due her ordinary leave as I think I told you so had no trouble getting it. I will be due about 10 days when I come off night duty. I should come off Dec. 9th but I have to make up the 3 weeks I missed with the flu so won’t be off till the 30th of December. Crocket will get her leave then too as she comes off night duty about that time. We thought we might go up to London for the week and spend it at Lady Perley’s rest home for Canadian sisters and V.A.D’s at Ennismore Gardens. Mary stayed there 3 days and said it was simply perfect, every comfort and it doesn’t cost you a cent except a tip for the maids when you leave. I want to do a bit of shopping before I come home and that would be a good time to do it. I want to get a suit, a house dress & an evening dress. I have a $100 of my own still in the bank so won’t have to draw on you and father for very much. How much did Hazel’s trousseau cost you? and then of course you had the expense of her wedding too but you can put that into a present for me.

Semi doesn’t think he will get over from France before March, but nobody has any idea yet how long the Canadian troops will be kept in France. Not too long I hope as I would love to be home by Easter. I can’t remember when I wrote you last and if I told you that Daphne is sailing for Canada Dec. 3rd.

A wedding present came for Mary to-day a box about a foot square. I would love to know what is in it. Mary’s Uncle Murray insisted on having a group taken after the wedding so we went to the photographers. I wish Semi and I had too but we never thought of it. I did my best to get Stan and At to have a photo taken with me one day when we were all here together but Atwood wouldn’t agree and as the time was short I couldn’t be bothered coaxing him.

Did I tell you I had a wisdom tooth pulled last week? I wasn’t worth filling again.

Are Hazel and Fred coming down for Xmas or are you going up. I wish we could all be home but next year we will be.

I think Semi will enjoy his box very much and I do hope he gets it all right.

I hear Katie and Buff have started to build in Rothesay. We haven’t decided where we will live yet and of course we couldn’t afford to build a house for some few years yet unless Mr. Mackay offered to do it for us and that I don’t imagine he will do. Had such nice letters from Jean & Katie this week. The list of people I owe letters to is something appalling but I just can’t help it. I have to get my sleep in the day time and at night I am too busy to write more than a line or two to Semi and once a week to you.

You never mention Aunt Emma how is she & how is Uncle Ed. Give them my love when you write.

The O’Ryan’s flat would be too big for us. I would like a small one to start with like the Logan’s. Just tell them to kindly move out this May &  rent it for us.

You needn’t send this letter on to Hazel as I have written her too.

A great deal of love to you and father


P.S. Frances McAvity wants Mary and me to spend Xmas with her but I am afraid it is out of the question as all leave is stopped Xmas week. It would be nice if we could go though.

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