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Date: December 14th 1918

Dec. 14 1918. 11.30

 Dearest Mother -

The last letter I had from you was written Nov. 21st and I got it two or three days ago also one from Mrs. Mackay and Jean Sayre. Jean has been so good about writing us hear each week turn about. Mrs. Mackay wrote me such a nice letter. She said they expected to go south after New Year’s but she would leave the house all ready in case we should come home before and that we could go right there, also hopes we will live in Rothesay and says they will have to find us a house somewhere or else make one. She also sent me a lovely Xmas box which contained a rose bath robe with slippers to match. Now how do you suppose she knew rose was my favorite color, and I needed a nice new bath robe too, as a matter of fact I had been on the look out for one in the shops here but didn’t like any of them. There was also a box of candy and 2 sweet little hankies.

Did enjoy your letter so much. Hope you didn’t worry about me having the flu as I am feeling so well now in fact have gained 3 lbs.

Had a letter from Stan a couple of days ago and he has had “flu” too poor boy. He seems very fond of Miss Alexander but I don’t think they are actually engaged yet although I wouldn’t be surprised if it come to something. She is very sweet looking and seemed very nice but I only saw her the once. She is awfully fond of Stanley and I expect that is the main thing. She is not very tall, blue eyes and fair hair something the type of Molly Hagen in her pretty days only stronger looking. Not a society type of girl at all yet very quiet and refined.

I don’t know what you had better do with Uncle's cheque. You could send it over to me registered & I should think and I could deposit it to my own account here as I always deposit Semi's cheques in the bank here. It is quite a separate account from my “credit”.

Wasn’t Cathleen Mooney's death tragic. They must be feeling dreadful.

I think I told you that while on night duty we live at different quarters but I never bothered giving you that address as we get all our mail at Park House. It is very cozy there and we get much better food. There are just 21 of us 14 V.A.D. & 7 Sisters. We are to have our Xmas dinner on Xmas Eve at 6 o’clock and instead of going on duty at 8 o’clock as we usually do we are to have an extension of two hours so won’t go on duty till 10. Will write you all about it. We ought to have a very jolly time.

Gus was here to see Marion to-day. He sails to-morrow on the Grampion


This letter didn’t get finished last night, but I have time to add a little to it now. This morning we had more Canadian mail and I got your letter of Dec. 1st also one from Hazel and another from Mrs. Mackay. She had just heard that I had the “flu” also that Semi hadn’t been well. They are leaving for the south the 31st. Said she hoped to see you before she went and she also said that if there is any chance of us getting out in February she and Mr. Mackay want Semi & me to join them in Florida for a while and that Mr. Mackay had written to Semi that night about it. Wouldn’t it be perfect but I’m afraid there is no chance of it as the Canadians expect to be in France sometime yet. It is very kind of them isn’t it, they  think it would do us both so much good and the rest would be just the thing for Semi. He is still in France of course, and says he feels much better and now that the fighting is over I am sure his nerves will be all right.  Hazel wrote that she had Jimmie back. I thought she would turn up there again I have heaps of letters to write so must try and get a few more done to-night.

Bailey our V.A.D. friend must have landed at Quebec or Halifax and gone right through by train. Too bad as I wanted you to see her. She was at my wedding you know.

It Semi can’t get English leave in the New Year he is going to try for Paris leave and wants me to meet him over there. I would certainly love to see Paris so hope it can be arranged.

Haven’t really any idea yet when I will get home, but in the spring I hope. Lots of love to you and father and take care of both your dear selves till we all get back


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