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Date: February 4th 1919

Park House


Feb. 4 1919


Dearest Mother:-

I know it is quite a long while since I have written you, but then it is quite sometime since I have heard from you. Your last was written New Years day from Montreal.

A few Canadian letter came in yesterday. I got one from Phyllis Barker and also a card from Katie from Boston and a letter from Mrs. Mackay from St. Petersburg.

I have just got back (2 days ago) from 3 days leave which I spent in London at the Canadian Nurses Rest Home 66 Ennismore Gardens. Crocket & Mary got away the same day, but they each have 6 days while I only got three. I think I told you I overstayed my other leave 3 days so that was the reason. We went to town Friday morning at 10. Mary went on down to Sutton, Surrey to stay with her in laws and Crocket and I went to Ennismore. It is a beautiful old house wonderful entrance hall, like a ball-room with a big fireplace at one end and great chesterfields each side of it all panelled in wood & hung with tapestries the drawing room is very fine too also the dining room & library writing room. We had a room just for two, some of the larger rooms have as many as 6 beds in them as they are always full & want to accommodate as many as they can.

The meals are lovely, breakfast at 9 (called at 8.30), lunch 1 tea 430 and dinner at 7. You can bring men friends in for tea. You pay 6 shillings a day now but it includes everything, hot water bottle in your bed and hot water brought to the room in the morning. You can’t stay longer than 3 weeks at a time though.

Met a lot of V.A.Ds and sisters there that I knew including Marion Flagler from St. John & Alice Wilson also Sister Gasking from St. J.

My 6 months was up on Sunday but I am waiting now till my discharge papers come through so will be here about two weeks yet then I think I will board at 27 Kendrick Rd. till Mary finishes, may also go up to London for 3 weeks at the Rest Home as I want to do some shopping.

I heard when I was in London at the Emigration Office that officers wives are to be allowed back on the boats with their husbands if the husband applies to his O.C.. I have written and told Semi so if there is no hitch I will wait for him, but it may be two or three months yet before he gets out (all the troops are to sail from England now) but if I can get back on the boat with him it is worth waiting for.  On] the other hand in case something should happen that I couldn’t get on the boat with him. I have secured a passage on the Minnedosa sailing the first week in April you pay a 2L  deposit and they hold it till a week before she sails you can cancel it then or else pay the full passage amount and get on board when she sails.

I just missed Stanley in London. He went to Devonshire Thursday - however I will see him before he goes.

I am putting off buying any clothes till the last minute as I want to get spring styles instead of winter ones.

Hope you and father are both well. I had a nice letter from Uncle Ed the other day.

Met Isaac Spicer on the street one day in London last week and had lunch with him. Looks very well but like all the rest anxious to get home. Also met Carrol Cudlip. He is on his way home has got recalled for business reasons.

My fingers are frozen so I will have to stop.

Lovingly Nettie

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