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Date: February 16th 1919

Park House

 Parkside Road

Reading Berks

Feb.16 1919

Dear Father:-

Your letter was very much enjoyed. It is quite a treat to hear from you, but I know you have plenty of writing to do so haven’t as much time for letters as Mother. What a gay time Mother must have had in Montreal.

Hazel is a regular society Madam and fairly thrives on it. Quite different from me. I will be quite content to settle down quietly in Rothesay.

If we have a car I will learn to drive it and then I can take you and Mother for nice little jaunts.

I don’t know how much longer I will be here at the hospital. My discharge papers have come through from the war office and I could leave if I wanted to knowing they are a bit short of V.A.D’s now and I don’t mind staying on a while longer. In fact it is much livelier being here with the girls than boarding all by myself. Semi expects to get over by the first of April but may be in England sometime before he sails. There is a chance that we can travel back on the same boat so I am going to wait till he gets over.

I was going up to London Friday to see Atwood but I had a wire from him the night before saying he was leaving and not to come, where he was leaving for he did not say, but I will probably get a letter from him in a day or two saying where he is.

Stanley is still in Devonshire. I met Miss Alexander and thought she was very sweet but still I didn’t see enough of her or talk to her sufficiently to form an opinion. She of course is very pretty and not loud or noisy, very quiet but wouldn’t have much force, I should imagine. She would never be a Mrs. G. Atherton or a Mrs. Cuhring so that’s something to be thankful for.

It is a bit milder here now and the bedrooms don’t feel quite so much like ice-boxes.

Mary and I went over to Taplow (about 15 miles away) on Friday afternoon to see Mignon Cer at the Canadian Hospital there. She hasn’t acquired an English accent yet which in her case might have helped her dreadful voice.

I may be home the end of April but expect me when you see me.

A great deal of love to you both from


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