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Date: February 23rd 1919

Park House

Parkside Rd


Feb 23rd, 1919


Mother [?],

Did enjoy your nice long letter of Feb. 2 so much. It arrived 3 days ago. You are by my reading. I am still at the hospital, my time was up the first of the month and my papers came through the 7th of Feb. but the [?] said if I wasn’t in a hurry to get away she [?] like [?] to stay on as we were a bit short handed so you see I am staying. We got official word yesterday that No. 2 Reading [?] Hospital the section I am in is closing the 31st of March and the staff are to be demobilized so it will be very nice if I can stay till then. However I just had a letter from [?] saying he and the battery expect to leave France the middle of March and come to [?] Camp. As soon as he arrives he will get 8 days leave so I will want to leave them but [?] he won’t get over till the end of the month and then [?] they will fit in very nicely. We think now that we can get back on the same boat so may land back in Canada the first of May. If any thing happens that we can’t I will save the middle of April but while theres a chance I will [?] of course now you can cable them you said so you will know in plenty of time. How nice of Mrs. [?] to think of me. The only [?] is we would rather be out of town during the summer months. I would love to have [?] Jean Daniels little cottage in [?] if I had known it was on the market, but I see that the Brocks have it. I wrote [?] but of course havent had an answer yet. We will stay with you and the Mackay’s till we get something because [?] if we [?] do build, it will take sometime. Poor Mrs. [?] how she does run on. She wrote Mary that you had been up and how smart and well you looked. I have a letter from Alice ([?] [?]) the other day and she also said how well and young you looked when she saw you in Montreal. This is my half Sunday. Mary isn’t off duty but Miss [?] a Canadian from London Ont who has been here some time is going out with me and Miss [?] for tea. She knows Miss M. well too. [?] was at [?] [?] the last letter I had from him. I will see him when he comes to town again. Stanley is still in Devonshire. I will probably see him soon too. Crocker has been in the Sick Hut with gathered ears but is much better now. I got such a lovely pair of old brass candlesticks the other day quite tall [?] ones so now that I have the silver pair too. I hope no one gives me a [?] [?] furniture over here is lovely and I hear that we can bring some back as settlers effects so we’ll probably buy a few pieces. I have saved all my separation allowance so have plenty to buy anything I like. Must get my seat right away and a dress on else you [?] will be forgetting that I have had no [?] yet. Must get ready to go out now. Love to you both from


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