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Date: March 5th 1919

Park House

Parkside Rd


March 5, 1919


Dearest Mother,

I sent father a card from Windsor Friday afternoon and intended getting a letter off to you Sunday but I don’t know where the time went to as it [?] got written. The rain is coming down in bucketful to-night in fact it [?] simply [?] for the last three days. I enjoyed the little trip to Windsor very much, but oh! what a [?] it was. Had to catch a train at 1.15 and as [?] doesn’t get off duty till 1 on a half day it meant asking permission to get off 15 minutes earlier and then rushing away without your dinner. Mary couldn’t get off that day so I went with a Canadian [?] form Vancouver by the name of [?]. She had fixed up a little lunch so we ate that in the train. We wanted to get there before 3 as the state [?] are only open from 11-3 so you can imagine how disappointed we were after all that work to find they are [?] open to the public at all on a Friday [?] we wandered around the gardens and an old guild told us all the points of interest. This Friday I am going to spend my half day [?] Oxford with [?] another Canadian girl. Its too bad that Mary can’t get her half day with me but she has been changed to Monday [?] this Monday we have both got our day off for [?] and our plans so far are to leave at 6.27 Sunday night for Winchester and spend Monday there. We have written the girls at [?] to try and get the day off too and meet us there so I hope we get word that some of [?] can. There is a very fine Cathedral at Winchester I believe. I think I told you in my last letter that I am staying here till March 31st as the section I am in is closing down then. [?] expects to arrive from France just about the same time so everything fits in most beautifully. Mary hasn’t had definite word from Peter yet when he is getting [?] so [?] know when she is leaving. He [?] will arrive the same time as [?] though. Poor [?] was very much upset this week according to a letter I had from him as Alison A has been on the dangerously ill list I haven’t heard from him since so don’t know how she is. [?] was still at [?] [?] when I last heard, [?] [?] [?] wanted me to come up for a few days while he is there and if I hadn’t been staying on here I would have. I told you Crocker had had this flue didn’t I also [?] was she has been sent to a [?] Convalescent Home in [?] but far from here. Is quite better [?] and will be back Monday. Mary [?] have had a great time the last week buying furniture. I got the [?] little tip [?] making any we take also a black English oak [?] table for a hall and a [?] mahogany [?] and like this drawing. It is an old one but in good condition. The tea [?] is like this when tipped up. This is the [?]. I can’t draw it very well but the legs are twisted I think [?] [?] like the little one Hazel got in [?] last year. Its not a big one. I will write next week and tell you all about my Oxford and Winchester trip. I wrote [?] about the [?] [?] he said to do as I liked but I [?] [?] be in the country somewhere for the summer but [?] [?] to have us for [?] [?]. Had a letter from them this week also a long one from Jean [?]. Jean has been so good about writing. Said you had [?] her one of my letters [?]. Must get some more letters written now so will say good-night. Hope you and father are both well.




P.S. had dinner with [?] [?] at the [?] where she is staying Monday night. She is asking to [?] for Canada, will land in St. John and said she would ring you up

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Original Scans