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Date: March 5th 1919

Park House

Parkside Rd


March 5, 1919


Dearest Mother,

I sent father a card from Windsor Friday afternoon and intended getting a letter off to you Sunday but I don’t know where the time went to as it never got written.  The rain is coming down in bucketful to-night in fact it has simply poured for the last three days.

I enjoyed the little trip to Windsor very much, but oh! what a rush it was. Had to catch a train at 1.15 and as we don’t get off duty till 1 on a half day it meant asking permission to get off 15 minutes earlier and then rushing away without your dinner. Mary couldn’t get off that day so I went with a Canadian V.A.D. from Vancouver by the name of Hudson. She had fixed up a little lunch so we ate that in the train. We wanted to get there before 3 as the state apartments are only open from 11-3 so you can imagine how disappointed we were after all that work to find they are never open to the public at all on a Friday,   However we wandered around the gardens and an old guide told us all the points of interest. This Friday I am going to spend my half day at Oxford with Craig another Canadian girl. Its too bad that Mary can’t get her half day with me but she has been changed to Monday.  However this Monday we have both got our day off for March and our plans so far are to leave at 6.27 Sunday night for Winchester and spend Monday there. We have written the girls at Southampton to try & get the day off too and meet us there so I hope we get word that some of them can. There is a very fine Cathedral at Winchester I believe. I think I told you in my last letter that I am staying here till March 31st as the section I am in is closing down then. Semi expects to arrive from France just about the same time so everything fits in most beautifully.

Mary hasn’t had definite word from Peter yet when he is getting over so doesn't know when she is leaving. He probably will arrive the same time as Semi though.

Poor Stan was very much upset this week according to a letter I had from him as Alison A has been on the dangerously ill list I haven’t heard from him since so don’t know how she is. Atwood was still at Matlock Bath when I last heard.  Mr. Cafferky wanted me to come up for a few days while he is there and if I hadn’t been staying on here I would have. I told you Crocket had had the flue didn’t & also gathered ears.  She has been sent to a Nurses Convalescent Home in Sandhurs far from here. Is quite better and will be back Monday. Mary & I had a great time the last week buying furniture. I got the sweetest little tip mahagony tea table making any we take also a black English oak gate-leg table for a hall and a beautiful mahogany sideboard like this drawing. It is an old one but in good condition. The tea table is like this when tipped up. This is the gate-leg. I can’t draw it very well but the legs are twisted.  I think it is like the little one Hazel got in Morgans last year. Its not a big one.

I will write next week and tell you all about my Oxford and Winchester trip.

I wrote Semi about the Bostwick house &  he said to do as I liked but I would rather be in the country somewhere for the summer but would love to have it for the winter.

Had a letter from Ken this week also a long one from Jean Sayre. Jean has been so good about writing. Said you had read her one of my letters today.

Must get some more letters written now so will say good-night. Hope you and father are both well.




P.S. had dinner with Marjorie Mouat at the people's home where she is staying Monday night. She is sailing tomorrow for Canada, will land in St. John and said she would ring you up

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