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Date: March 27th 1919

March 27/19



Dearest Mother,

I can’t remember when I wrote you last, as things have been more or less exciting the last week. [?] left to-day and sails from Liverpool on Wednesday so you may see her before you get this. I [?] her to be sure to go up and see you as she will land in St John on the Scandinavian. [?] had a [?] arrive last night at one of its [?] – 12 of us all Canadian [?] at this hospital. On Monday 5 of us went to Oxford for our half day. It was a dreadful waste but we managed to see quite a lot. [?] expects to leave [?] to-day and start the journey [?] but don’t know how long they will be on the way. I hope [?] that he arrives in about a week. [?] so disappearing [?] last week when he wrote and said that the [?] wanted him to take the battery back to Canada and that he wouldn’t be able to leave the [?] and sail on a boat with me, however I got better news on Monday. A new order has come out and [?] [?] are to be allowed to sail on the [?] ships with their husbands. Just when we will sail is the question but surely ought to be by the first of May. [?] was the [?] person to be able to sail so soon. Two weeks ago the boat she is sailing on was said to be crowded – [?] has evidently cancelled a passage and she has been [?] in. The passenger boats are crowded up to the end of May so I am lucky getting on the troopship. Many [?] expect to have Park Horse a week from to-day but just when we will go, [?] [?] for the say we haven’t decided yet. [?] 2 [?] closes on Thursday so I will be in at the finish. You had better bend letters c/o Bank of Montreal 47 Threadneedle St in London, after you get this.

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Original Scans