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Date: February 12th 1919

Park House

Parkside Road         


Feb. 12/19

Dearest Mother:-

Got such a fine size Canadian mail this week. Letters from you and father of January 26th, a long one from Jean and a card from Katie. It was quite awhile since I had heard from you, so I was delighted to get it. It was nice hearing from father too and I must answer his specifically.

It is over a week now since I have written you but our room is so cold that my fingers get numb if I try to write and if you go into the sitting room there is such a jabber that it is hard to concentrate. This evening though it is rather quiet only 4 of us, so I am trying to get a bit written.

I haven’t done any thing very exciting since I last wrote. I had a half day on Sunday and walked out to Miss Montizamberts. It was a beautiful day, though cold, so I enjoyed the walk very much also my tea. The other afternoon Mary & I were in town and looked at some cretonne I got such a pretty one – a black ground, with birds and flowers on it – the flowers are red and mauve. It was only 2/6 a yard and I got 25 yds. That ought to be enough for a living room oughtn't it. I am not going to use it for curtains but I hope to have a nice big chesterfield some day so wanted to have plenty. I can get plain rose [?] silk for curtains, that matches the rose flowers lovely with it. It is 15 (1.68 a yard) quite wide. I could split it, so I think I will get some. I am sure it would be $2 or $3 a yard at home. I am going to get some brown wicker chairs, not over here though and with a few pieces of nice mahogany like an old desk and a table or two. I hope to have quite a nice looking living room. Did I tell you Buff wants us to build next to them so we can have a garage between us and the one man to look after the cars. Quite a nice idea isn’t it.

I am sure I can get tablecloths and napkins much cheaper over here, anyway. Mary and I are going to get some wholesale through M K + A’s.

Had a letter from Stanley the other day. He is still in Devonshire. I was rather hoping to get down to see him for a week. My time is up at the hospital & I expected to get away this week, but Matron seems to want me to stay so I don’t mind.

Atwood as I suppose you know is in hospital in London. I had a letter from him the other day he said a good rest would soon fix him up. I am going up to London on Friday my half day to see him and will write and let you know how he looks. You would laugh if you could see me getting around London alone. I can go anywhere by tube and also am quite at home on the busses.

I haven’t got my suit yet, but rather think I will get a black & white check. I got such a smart black satin hat but I told you about that. How do you think I would look in a grey dress for afternoon w wear.  Am going to have a look around for one.

What a gay time you must have had in Montreal. I am sure it did you heaps of good. So glad you are having that door put on my room. Did I tell you Semi will be able to come back on the same boat with me. He ought to be in England by the end of March so we may be home in April.

Must get to bed now. Will write to father tomorrow.



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