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Date: October 9th 1918


Oct 9 1918

(Written sideways) My parcel just arrived sweater is lovely must write Jennie many thanks for everything just what needed. Was going to buy note-paper to-day. Have plenty of soap now. Sugar & items are great to have for night duty. Atwood’s parcel hasn’t turned up yet but may by to-morrow.

Mother dear :-

Such a huge Canadian mail last night. I got 11 – 3 from you written Sept 22nd – 24th & 27th – one from Mrs. Mackay one from father with one enclosed for Atwood, 2 from Jean Sayre, one from Gladys Barker, & Catie & Kenneth & my old friend Billie Campbell. One of those letters you enclosed was from Robinson and the other from Percy Vrooman, the young chap I met when I first crossed.

Mary & I have been put on night duty each in our own hospital. I should be asleep now but want to get a letter started to you even though I don’t finish it. We had to move to different quarters but we are very cosy. Crocket is to be put on soon too. I am in the same wards as I was on day duty. It is rather heavy just now and I don’t get any time for letter writing & sewing as I did in Leeds. I wrote to Mrs. Mackay this morning first time since we have been married and I had such a nice letter from her thanking me for my cable. Katie’s & Jean’s letters are full of news and so were yours. It was funny that your last was written the day we were married & you spoke about Sem being on leave. Katie also mentioned it in her letter and said “I do with you’d be married right now. Think it over. I know your father-ion-law would love it you made a great impression.”

The matron & nursing staff at no. 2 gave me such a beautiful silver vase and I got a 1/2 dozen sterling silver coffee spoons & sugar tongs to match from Cousin Jim Bridges and did I tell you Mrs. Murray MacLaren sent us a lovely book.

I must write Gladys B. and tell her I saw Lou in London. He was looking so well and younger if anything.

I didn’t finish this letter this morning & now it is 11 o’clock at night & I am on duty. I won’t be able to write much as the men are pretty restless and 3 of us ( 2 V.A.D’s & a Sister) have 190 to look after.

We have a nice little sitting room, with an open fire burning and a gas ring on which to cook our supper.

Katie told me that you had been out and how sweet you were etc. Poor Hazel I do hope she gets a good girl and you too. Semi says I must get hold of a good one over here & take her back to Canada with us. I have my eye on a good one up at Park House. He is such a thoughtful dear boy. Wants me to have everything he can possibly afford. Gave me plenty of money before he left & is signing off 10£ ($50) a month of his pay to me besides my separation allowance, which will be about 6£ ($30) a month, but it won’t come through for two or three months. I am going to save quite a bit as we will need it next time he comes on leave to have a good blow-out and besides, I don’t have a chance to spend much here except to get the men a few truffles. I drew 10£ from the bank before I was married & it more than paid for the things I got – although my hat was 2£ 10s ($12 blouse $8 3 pairs of closes came to $6) Corsets -- $3 silk petticoat $5 stockings about $2.50 & a little pair of pale pink jersey silk tights were $3.50. They were an extravagance still I wanted them. I hadn’t time to think about getting bargains, so told Mary to get everything good. I am going to get a suit & an evening dress with the rest of my money before Sem comes on leave again & I will probably get a little house dress too & over draw the account a trifle as I don’t want him to pay for what would have been my trousseau. Well my wedding didn’t cost you much did it and saved a lot of bother & fuss. I may be able to save all my separation allowance & buy a nice fur coat. Will have to finish this in the morning.

Find I still have a little more time so will add some to this. Had a nice letter from Stanley the other day, he has been very busy since he got back & I know we are more than busy here & of course it is always much worse in France.

Mae and Daphne came down to Reading on Tuesday to see us & Mary & I had dinner with them that evening. My last evening out for 2 months as when on night duty one had no chance for that as we start work at 8.

I haven’t heard from Atwood since I last saw him in London. He is at Witley now – not awfully far from here, if I wasn’t sleeping all day, I could go over & see him, but the rules are very strict on night duty here & you are only allowed to go out in the mornings until 12 o’clock.

I am so sorry Pearl left. I was hoping she would stay all winter. Perhaps you will be lucky and get a better one though. Nice for you having Mrs. Nielson and Annie [G?] for company after Hazel left. Did I tell you Daphne finished my mauve nightie for me & gave me a sweet pair of satin bed-room slippers to match. Heaps of love to you and father.


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