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Date: October 16th 1918

Oct 16th 1918

Dear Father

Here is rather a good picture of the main hospital & some of the buildings it has been very cold here the last two days & they haven’t put any heat on yet. The thermom. in our bed room stands at 48. But they have a fire down in the sitting room that we gather round. I guess the winters up here are fairly cold & it is too bad I hadn’t room to have brought my fur coat. Marion Magee & I are having our half day off this week, this afternoon & we have just been into Leeds where we had a good lunch out. Also brought a loaf of bread & a jar of marmalade home with us. I have such an appetite. The food is all right, but the helpings are not over generous & it isn’t often you get a second one. I am eating far more than I ever thought of at home.

Col. Littlewood the head of the hospital was in our ward this morning. Everyone seems to stand in awe of him. Tell mother I got her nice letter of Oct 3rd yesterday (Sunday morning) also one from Mary Mae & Gladys Barker. We have one mail a day on a Sunday & two, other days. Wasn’t it funny they sent the cable [words obscured] it was meant for ParK. We get bananas quite often, but I haven’t seen an orange since I arrived, not even in the shops. Fruit is very expensive, also butter. I guess all we get is margarine, but it tastes all right. I didn’t know the difference till somebody told me.

I haven’t got the parcel yet that mother mailed me but parcels are always a day or two later. Ma didn’t say who it was from, I am rather curious. I have written to Stanley to-day & I will write to mother to-morrow. I am so glad Nina has turned out so well & only hope she stays. Tell mother I bought flannel pyjamas in Montreal so am very comfortable at night. Love from Nettie.

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