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Date: October 23rd 1918

Wednesday Evening

Oct 23 1918

Dearest Mother:-

Your letter for Atwood sent to me, came day before yesterday and I have remailed it to Witley Camp. You wrote it on  the Sunday (Sept 29th) that Stanley, Atwood, Semi & myself all had dinner together in London and in the letter you remarked “I wonder if you three are all together to-day.” I was sorry I did not get the cable off to you sooner but Friday (the day we were married) I hadn’t a minute intended to first thing Saturday morning but didn’t and then Saturday afternoon & Sunday all the Post offices in London (where you send cables from) are closed so we had to wait till Monday morning. I am sending a copy of the little magazine Canada to Hazel too so she can see it. Be sure and save yours as I would like to have it to keep. They left out the name of the clergyman who married us although Mary put it in the notice the Rev. R. Wickham-Legge.

The tea & sugar in the parcel you sent has been most useful, as when on night duty you use quite a bit more than your ration. When we are called each evening at 6:30 the maid always brings us a cup of tea, hot water to wash & your mail if there is any.

I have been having quite a time with an ulcerated tooth, first double upper on the left hand side. I had had it fixed up before I left by Dr. Magee but the back broke off about a week ago, then it started to ache and my face to swell. I was bound I wouldn’t have it pulled, as so many English dentists are keen on doing, so am having it drained. The front has a new shell so had to come off too, but I will still have the root so can have a new tooth pegged on.

Crocket is on night duty now too and the 3 of us are in a room together. It is very cosy at the night quarters and we are all able to sleep pretty well. We generally take a walk or a car ride in the morning before we go to bed, but we are nearly always asleep by 11 and then aren’t called till 6.30. You can only get up 2 afternoons in the week Monday’s & Saturdays & then not till 5 so you can’t do much. Marjorie Mouat is coming with a friend quite near our quarters so we are going on there for tea on Saturday at 5 if we get up.

Had a very nice note from Muriel Harrison the other day asking Mary & me to come to Bath to see her if we got a day off, but as we don’t get any days off while on night duty won’t be able to go. At the end of our 2 months we get a couple of days so I think I will go and see Frances McAvity.

Hear from Sem every other day and he is well though working hard.

Mary & I have bought lovely grey opossum collars for our great coats. They are made up separate and button on so can be worn with our uniform suits too. A lot of the Sisters wear them. It is the only style of furs that are allowed to be worn with uniform. Didn’t cost much either.

Had a nice letter from Stanley to-day. Said he wasn’t quite as busy as he had been.

Did you get Dorothy and Lawrence a wedding present? I intended writing you to get me something for them, but perhaps I will wait now till I get back.

I keep wondering if you have a maid yet. Don’t like to think of you doing all the work alone. Had some pictures taken in the ward the other day am sending one to father. Rather horrid of me but I knew I had moved.

I hear Charlie Inches has been wounded but not very seriously.

Will try and write again on Sunday. Got a short note off to Hazel this week too.

Love to you all

From Nettie.

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