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Date: May 15th 1918
Miss Bridges
Assistant Commissioner

Miss Jeannette D. Bridges

112 Wentworth Street

St. John, N.B.

May 15, 1918.


You are an accepted applicant for Special Overseas Service as a Volunteer Probationer Nurse (V.A.D.) in a Naval or Military Hospital in England for the duration of the War in accordance with Terms of Service laid down in Special Order No. 1. N.D., 1917.

Will you please arrange to be inoculated and vacinated at once and hold yourself in readiness for mobilization. The Officer-in-Charge of your Nursing Division has been supplied with Serum for inoculation.

On mobilization you will be on Military Service.

You will be supplied with,-

4 Chambray Dresses,

10 Aprons,

1 dozen Collars and 8 collar buttons,

½ dozen Cuffs,

4 Belts

1 Coat

1 Gaby Cap,

½ Yard Chambray

1 Straw Hat

1 Felt Hat,

6 Caps,

1 Sweater coat,

2 prs. gloves (grey and white),

1 pr. black books (common sense heel)

1 Umbrella,

1 Service Dress (Cloth & Patent Leather Belts)

1 Waterproof

1 Scarf

I have the Honour to be ,


Your obedient servant,

Assistant Commissioner, District of Ontario,

For the Deputy Commissioner.


Miss Jeannette D. Bridges,

112 Wentworth Street,

St. John, N.B.

Dear Madam:-

Enclosed is a formal Application for Passport. Will you please fill in all the details as noted, in your own handwriting, and return to this office as soon as possible. Have the Application signed by your Voucher and one Photograph also signed by him:  “Certified a genuine photograph of (your name)”. If you have not submitted the triplicate photographs requested, please do so at once. It will not be necessary for you to enclose passport fee of $2.00.

You will also find enclosed three copies of Agreement Form, which you will kindly sign in the lower right hand corner in the presence of a witness other than an official of the Brigade Overseas. Please return the three copies to this office promptly.

Unless Passport Application and Agreement Forms are promptly received it will probably interfere with your proceeding overseas.


A hot water bottle.

A good torch light and refills.

A heavy eiderdown dressing gown and warm slippers.

Plain warm underwear.

A steamer rug.

Ten pounds loaf sugar to be kept for emergency.

No expensive lingerie.

Black stockings only.

Uniform must be uniform and not mixed dress.

Small change of money is very useful on the voyage and should be taken.

All instructions issued from this office in reference to mobilization and dates relative thereto must be kept strictly confidential, as our movements involve the movements of troops. Unless this is done your name will be withdrawn from those selected to serve overseas.

Yours very truly,

Assistant Commissioner.


Dear Miss Bridges:-

Our letter enclosed herewith refers to Application for Passport, but as we have your Passport in our possession in will not be necessary for this form to be filled out by you. Please sign Agreement in triplicate and send back to us.

Yours truly,

Assistant Commissioner.

I                  agree to serve as a Volunteer Hospital Probationer (V.A.D.) in any Naval or Military Hospital in England to which I may be assigned or appointed by the Joint War Committee, British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John, for the duration of the war, upon the terms and conditions set forth in my application form. 

Dated at:

This:          Day of: 

Nineteen hundred and eighteen. 



If you are unable to serve, please advise us by wire at once, and return to us the attached letters and papers.

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