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A Special Train will leave from Euston Station on the morning of November the 6thm between the hours of 10.30 and 11 a.m, which will proceed direct to the Ship's side. All officers proceeding on the Imperial Transport will be required to travel by this train. There will be a Baggage Van on this train on which Officers can put their light luggage which they wish to have with them in their state-rooms on voyage. It is pointed out, however, that doe to the large numbers proceeding, Officers should not take any luggage in their state-rooms, other than that which is actually required. 

Special arrangements have been made for heavy luggage to go forward direct to the Landing Stage on Monday night. This must be delivered to Sgt. Major Lee Grayson at Euston Station between teh hours of 1 & 5p.m. on Monday, November 5th. Ask for lavels before leaving this Office, on which should be written the name and rank only. This class of label is only being used for military personnel, and so ensures unloading of luggage at the Port of disembarkation seperately, therefore there will be no difficulty in locating same in Canada. 

Officers will give up to the Embarkation Authoritiesw their Embarkation Card when going on board the Ship and it is requested that all have this card in their hand when going up the Gang-way, in order to avoid unnecessary delay. 

Officers having once embarked will not be allowed to leave the ship. 

Representatives of the Grand Trunk and Canadian Pacific Railways will travel to Liverpool on this train, from whom inland railway tickets can be purchased for points in Canada. 

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Original Scans