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Date: October 1st 1944

Oct 1, 1944

A.R.Bergquist, V86536,

A/SHPT 4/c,

H.M.C.S Shelbourne,

Shelbourne, Nova Scotia

Dear Ma, Pa and Ruth.

The weather has been fine here today. The postoffice here is not open on sundays so I have to wait until tomorrow to get the mail. I bet Arts two weeks holidays sure went fast. How is Joe Keegan making out these days? Did Art write to those two fellows, [?] and Meyers? I didn’t go to the show last night. I guess the features coming this week to Shelbourne will be new ones; they have three different pictures a week. They usually feature a [?] giving them three shows for the week. It sure was swell sending the apples. I have eaten them already. How is the weather in Vancouver these days? It sure is quite a bit colder here in the mornings. I hope you got the money order that I sent O.K. I didn’t send much last month and we got a little higher pay these months than the two months before. The news in the paper sure is good these days. They have a canteen here were one can buy things. I am O.K. I hope Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all O.K. Well I guess that is about all for today. I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,


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Original Scans