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Date: November 7th 1916
Mr. S. J. Hogarth
Warren Loggie

Dec 7th 1916

Letters from the Front

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hogarth whose, son John, was killed in France, are in receipt of the following letter which pays a high tribute to the valor of the young man.

Seargt. W. P. Loggie 110329

5th C.M. R. Battalion.

Middle Floor, Military Section

Metropolitan Hospital

London. N.E.

Nov 7th-16

Mr. S. J. Hogarth—

Dear sir.—

I would like to write and express my sympathy with you in the loss of your son who was killed on the afternoon of October the first on the Somme between Thiepool and Courcelette. It was a tough day and many good lads went under. We had gone over the parapet and taken our section of Regina trench in spite of the fierce machine-gun fire and heavy shelling. It was after going through this and helping to clear the trench on the evening that your son was killed. I don’t know the exact particulars because I myself was wounded before reaching the trench.

I had known your son and had been in the same platoon with him since he came in a draft to our battalion in June. There was no finer lad in the company. I had watched him on route marches when older men were giving out and he was swinging along good humouredly. If anything was to be carried to the trenches, he volunteered and cheerfully di more than his part.

He didn’t seem to know fear. All morning before we went over, we knew we were going; yet he was conspicuously bright and cheerful. I remember the last words I heard him say the\at there was no use worrying. If a chap was going to get him, he would whether he worried or not. That was his spirit and I’ve no doubt he was carrying out the same spirit when he met death.

More than once I remember, our platoon Sergent had remarked to me that “That young Hogarth is a brick.” I think in the sorrow of your loss, you should feel a great pride in a fine young man’s sacrifice. He was popular with us all.

Sincerely yours,

Warren Loggie

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