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Date: July 8th 1940

July 8, 1940

Well, here I am again after a lapse of twenty-four hours. I finished my guard duty at five a.m. and had the remainder of the morning off, but spent most of the time pounding my ear. There is nothing new to report today, so will just have to add a little drivel to fill the remaining space. The regiment has at last been granted leave, but as only five men per troop are released each week, I am afraid it will be a painful process. I would just as soon wait till the last and save some money, but I’d be afraid that our friend Adolph and his chums might decide to start the old ball rolling again in which event all leave will be cancelled.

Well, I suppose the crop is looking very good about now and Alan is busy with the hay crop. How did the Tofield punks make out on July first? I imagine things were much the same as usual.

C Troop of our battery are dependent on their aerial observations for their ranging in action. At present, we have two R.C.A.F. radio men connected with us. The strange part of this is that one of the chaps is a relative of the McClymonts, so you do really do run into some strange animals, don’t you? Young Kendall Hull also joined us lately, coming from the Royal Corps of Signals. Must close now as there is no more space.