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Date: December 18th 1914
Cobourg World
W.W. Harper

(By Color-Sergeant. W.W. Harper.)

Well I suppose you think we have forgotten you, but not so. We get The Cobourg World every week and can't do without it.

Well here I am Kingston safe and sound and right side up. The boys are mostly all feeling fine and drilling like tigers as we expect soon to be rocked in the cradle of the deep, but let it come. The sooner the better. The men of the 21st Battalion are on the job.

A number of us were surprised and delighted to-day to receive an appreciative address and a gift of five dollars from good people of the Congregational Church of Cobourg. Many Thanks.

All the officers of C. Co., viz, Capt. Wolfraim, Lieutenant Morrison and Lieut. Raymond were surprised last night on being invited to the Barracks Room. They were approached by Lance Corporal Jones who read an appreciative address and presented each with a silver-headed cane, a silver flash, and box of cigars, followed by three cheers for each of the officers. Although taken by surprise, each made suitable reply, which was followed by company singing 'They are jolly good fellows.' Capt. Wolfraim and Lieut. Morrison are ex - 40th officers and well known in Cobourg.

I don't see many letters in The Cobourg World from our western farmers, or Handsome Harry with the Auburn Hair. Guess the private has got wise and minds his own business now. I don't think I have much more to say, but when I get across the pond I will write often and run opposition to Jim Beattie, but I don't think I will say the 21st boys will have tears in their eyes as they are different stuff.

Yours truly,
'C' Co. 21st Battalion, Kingston.