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Date: March 9th 1916
Prospect Barrack.


Mar 9th 1916

Dear brother scout I take the pleasure in writing to you as in answering your most kind and welcome letter I received yesterday I am well hoping to find you the same

Well Paul I must tell you we are come in with the mump and I make it bad. We are close in for three week but we will be out in a week time we are having fine weather down here for drilling & is nice a warm. There were only one of our men that had the mump. we are about 14 miles from the village and it make it bad

I was thinking of the good time when we went to Kash when we were scouting you want To no what we are doing well we are learning throwing Bomb and Scouting, The same as we us to learn at home, soilder is quite difference here

Then it is in Canada.

Tell Belgiums I would like to get a piece of jack rabbit

One of lad was throwing a Bomb the other day and he hit a horse on the nose and cut it open. If he does a good when he get in the Trenches he will do  good what we live on over here is prickly pair and Turnip Top if that is going some I no nothing say paul next time I write Ill send you my photo taken under a banana Tree. I am glad to hear the boy scout is in force do your mum[?]. My old bugle it is gone up now but going to send home for another. This is all at present hoping to hear from you soon I remain your Old brother Scout Leva[?] Buck

Prospect Barrack

T3, Coy. 88T3 Batt, Bermuda 

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Original Scans