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Date: October 4th 1918

4 Oct.1918

Up town buying food with our ration tickets and returned loaded. In the afternoon, after lunch, we took the motor bus for a six mile drive along the Clyde. Lovely scenery by land and sea. Came to Wymess Bay and walked to Inverkip and up a beautiful glen beside the Kip which is a noisy burn deep among the trees and ferns. In a café for tea and our limit was 5d though on leaving the shop we could buy all we wished. As we sat with our cup of tea and two biscuits, on a table near were some gorgeous cakes of short bread. Not to be touched! I know the feeling of a dog with his dry crust watching his master consume rich viands. We got one of these for a shilling and nibbled it going up a back street to Andy’s disgust fearing it was not dignified enough for the preacher’s family. 


We caught the train, found Miss McIntyre who was returning from a music teaching expedition in Glasgow. The evening was as before only Mrs. McIntyre told us of her life in Germany before the Franco Prussian war. She has a wonderful energy, is intensely interesting. Her memory is clear and she speaks with a strong dramatic face. One of the most wonderful and cultured people I have seen. Her likeness to Queen Victoria grows on one. In some governmental paper she was compelled to state where she was married and when it was discovered this took place in Germany they suspected foreign blood. ‘No,’ she answered. ‘Not a drop except in the case of William the Conqueror and he I believe was French.’ She hated the Germans. A lovely day.