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Date: October 8th 1918

Tuesday, 8 Oct. 1918

Andy went to see his brother in Motherwell. I visited the Art Galleries, just below the university buildings. I wish especially to remember the head of Milton with his sad pinched face, strange brow and lips and chin the soft curves of which might have belonged to a Venus; Plato with his luxurious hair as if carefully dressed for a feast, his downward thoughtful look and marvellous strength and beauty. A drunken Australian was explaining to his friends that these were pictures not to be sold and an old Scot was philosophizing upon the splendid physique of the Colonials. A lady artist was wandering about this heaven of hers.


Wandered about town and bought odds and ends. Tickets for Louise on Wednesday night. Saw When Knights Were Bold at night with Andy and had a continuous laugh for three hours.