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Date: October 14th 1918

14 Oct. 1918

Monday. Met Miss T. Bishop at train and walked with her down to her work at the Orderly Room in the barracks. Sent a telegram to Andy and did some shopping. Sent parcel home and helped Miss K. Bishop with her paper. At dusk took a walk along the river Tweed and saw a train pass over the high stone bridge with the moonlight on the water. Miss B. told me how, when walking with Eddie once, they had passed a couple who were apparently very fond of one another. The old joker remarked ‘The poor things, if makes one feel they are in trouble and one should go to their assistance.’


They treated me as if they had known me always and I could treat them in the same way. With regard to facts this was true for Eddie had told me of them and them of me. They called me ‘Frank’.


At eight we were all at the hall which was packed and then crammed to hear the paper about the hospital in France. The minister and Mr Bishop invited me to speak but it didn’t appeal to me. Returned by nine.


Had dinner and away on the 11:20 train with pressing invitation to return on my next leave. If I should visit all the people who have invited me I should require a year of time. They seem never to weary of entertaining the Canadians. Out of this beautiful home life I stepped back into Army discomfort for the train was crowded, even the standing room was occupied with soldier’s kits and men lying about. Still at New Castle I got a seat and slept on the window ledge in a compartment containing three soldiers and an rude English girl who slept on top of me. That describes at least the crush conditions I was in when I awoke.  Still, one must not complain, it is the war.