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Date: December 6th

Etc. etc.

Mon. 6, Dec.

Dear Mom,

Hiya sweetest. Got the sweaters and little surprise. Thanks a million dear. It’s quite miserable here now. Flying was washed out all morning. Rain and freezing above the grd. So we were grounded all morning. Flu is starting pretty heavy ard Ontario now. So they’re giving us all anti cold pills to take twice a day. Some fun, no?

I’ll be going to 167 Cosburn Ave, Toronto for Christmas. Nice yes no? They sure have treated me great.

You ask what I want for Christmas? Your little boy has everything is heart desires except maybe one thing. If you could get a pair of RayBan or Jone Ray sun glasses with metal rims. There’s some out with plastic rims but they’re no good. They’re scarcer than hen’s teeth tho! Other than that m’sweet, just put $5 in a card and forget it. O.K?

I’ve got everything I need, swell friends, and a perfect family. What else could I ask. We get off on the evening of the 23rd till the 29th.

Oh abt. the suit. Gee mom would you? It would sure be swell to get into a civilian suit. Lets see let the express be your Christmas present. Cause it would take abt. 3 shits, my brown oxfords, ties, white knitted scarf and rain coat. That’s an awful load sweet.

Now abt. Christmas presents mom. Would you arrange the family for me? They money going home is thru the dual account, so wish you’d take care of it for me.

Just got your letter of Dec.2. Boy, you seem to be plenty busy back thar.

Hmm, will take your advice abt. this going out getting engaged & unengaged. ‘S no profit in it.

As far as the fuss goes, well I don’t know. Some have capitalized on the meals & socks (I’m not mercenary) As for mail wow what a lady, write about 4 10 to 12 pages letters a week.

It’s sure swell to get mail like that. O.K. will make a note of the mail.

I don’t need many socks but they come in handy. I can’t use the suitcase here at all Mom, much as I would like to. They’re very fussy abt. such things here.

I’m glad Pat is helping you. You must need it in that place.

So Man likes getting letters too. Will take note of that.

I’d like to do my own Christmas shopping but in Dunnville, there isn’t enough choice. If I waited till the 17th (my next 48) and went into Toronto, I wouldn’t be able to mail it in time. So once again I guess little Mrs Stewart is what we call “joed.” Do you mind Mom?

Well sweet must run for now so until anon.

Love n Stuff.



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