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LAC Stewart H.C.E.

No 9 E.F.T.S. CO 89

St Catherines Ont.


Dear Mom,

Hi Sweet, how’s everything way back there? Boy I’m really swell. Was down at Niagra Falls this week and it’s beautiful. Guess you’ve seen them tho and know all about it. Any how it was nice. It was the first time I’d seen them from the ground. Have flown over them quite a bit but that was the first time from a human’s viewpoint. It only costs us 10 return.

Have flown over Beamsville a few times too. In short, I kinda like this country but still brag about B.C. everywhere I go. Boy do I ever get in some lovely arguments. Usually win too. There’s something abt. Mountains that fascinate everyone especially those who haven’t seen them.

God, Mom I think my mother really imparted something to her son besides a renowned sense of humor. I’ve made more darn friends than I ever could at home.

Anyhow der besides a lot of work I’m really enjoying it. So far my flying is coming along pretty good. Have 20 hours in now. 5 ½ pf which are solo. Gee its grand up there. We’ve one kid washed out already – couldn’t land. And two down in Dunville in the digger for skipping barracks. Some fun eh war. We have mid-terms this week and finals in 3 weeks. Time really flies when you’re on this flying. Gee I like it.

Well dear, must go now so will say adieu for now.

Love Mick

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