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Date: April 20th 1917

20th April 1917

Dear Winnie

I received no letter from you for a long while, but I got your parcel a few days ago. I sent you a card yesterday.

I'm still at Brigade H. Qrs. I have not seen a fine day since I came over here. You get several varieties of weather all the one day.

I guess you read all about our part in the big push of last week. If Old Fritz keeps backing up he will soon be in his own country and we in ours – to stay.

The office is in an old chateau – some of the staff sleep in an old barn & others up stairs over an old horse-stable. I was upstairs over the old horse-stable until I had to get out on acct. of the rain & wind. I have a fine dry, warm place now – in an ex pig-pen.

There is a Rev. Pius Augustus MacDonald attached to our Batt. The last Chaplain we had was re-called to England. The new Chaplain is tall & rather slim and about thirty years old. Perhaps he is the one I heard you speaking about. I think I told you once or twice before that the Rev. Pat McQuillan is attached to one of our Battalions. They old the same rank as a Doctor – Honorary Captain.

Bobby South, whom Mrs Hoey might know, was killed some time ago.

I met a fellow here all in, inquiring where our Battalion was, & when I started to show him I saw it was Dollar MacLeod, who'd been transferred to us from another Battalion.

How is everyone getting on


J.A. Corcoran


As written [M1]

 [M2]could not  confirm online, but apparently Pius is a real name

 [M3]best guess

 [M4]I kept the name and signature order here the same as the other letters

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Original Scans