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Date: February 28th 1918

Feb 28th 1918

Dear Annie

I received your letter a few days ago. I also got one from Winnie & home the same day. You "ask is the rhyme on the envelope the correct address for you now?" I don't get you – snow again. My address is the same as usual – I haven't missed any mail yet.

I never saw MacNamara out here but was in the same town a few times when he would be there.

I never met any of the others you mentioned.

We are having a very mild winter, compared with last year.

There must be quite a lot of traffic on the ferry boats these days.

How is Min getting on? I suppose you are both at the same places yet.

We are out on rest (?) now, in a fair sized town. We were pretty lucky this winter so far, having fairly comfortable billets after each move, which is quite often. We don't go more than ten or fifteen miles at a time but keep shifting around from place to place. Sometimes we are billeted in a Chateau, hut, old barn, pig sty, or civilian house, etc.

I suppose you got the Xmas card I sent – the fellow who designed it & one first prize, works in the office. I am enclosing a little drawing he made, which is true to life out here. You will notice the old rubber ground sheet & the blanket, all we have sometimes.

I just came in from a Gas Parade, every once in a while we have to put on our respirators, or gas masks, & go into a room filled with gas to test the respirators & see if they are working O.K.

I saw Sir Douglas Haig a short time ago. He looks exactly like the pictures you see of him.


J A Corcoran



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Original Scans