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Date: July 7th 1920
Jack Corcoran
Helen Mayne

25, rue des Trois-Tilleuls

July 7th 20

Dear Mr. Jack Corcoran,

I would be certainly very glad to get the interesting book about which you told me, and I appreciate very much your kind offer, and I will repeat it again, don't be afraid to write as often and as long as you want. I always will be glad to translate it. Yes I am the girl you saw sometimes going to and coming from school, and now I am always doing the same since you left our little town – and even I think I shall do it all my life. I remember having seen you several times two, and even – "but you will be perhaps very astonished" – I have your picture – the group taken with the little René – and I always will keep it as a souvenir.

I was glad indeed to read you thought my letter was well written, but I know I am only able to write broken English, it is not long enough I am learning it, but I hope however to do better in a few time, for I am still going to an English school in Brussels.

I received often news from Sydney, and I often write to him too, he is a very fine fellow and writes very nice letters; you know perhaps he is working in an office at Huntsville, and he is enjoying it there very much – one of his sisters was to get married on 9th of June – don't you think it is funny to know Canadian news by a Belgian girl?

You will perhaps understand I wouldn't answer to you before I did it for the Leroy family, and if they didn't it sooner you will understand too, they had lots of trouble this time. I saw the two little babies and it would certainly please you to see them, for they are such nice little ones. Here in Boitsford life is just the same as when you were living here, you remember, it is such a quiet place.

I was glad to see in the Leroy's letters you got a lot of ground in Canada and just situated so very near your work.

I am enclosing a dried leaf – it will seem perhaps funny to send it – but it is a leaf of a tree from our forests – it grew and fell in 1919 – I had much trouble to find such a nice one but I thought you would like perhaps to keep it as a souvenir from our dear Belgium.

I will close now, thinking I told you enough for the first time, and being afraid you would be too tired to read a too long letter, written in such bad English, but I stop it wishing much happiness to you.

A Belgian friend
Helen Mayné

this is my address. 25, rue des Trois-Tilleuls


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