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Date: June 28th 1915

June 28th, 1915

Dear Mother;

 We are sailing tonight for England. We thought we were going last Friday but the boat was delayed.

 We were inoculated for the third time last Tuesday and I was pretty sick next day. Howard Cliff, one of the sergeants asked me to go to his home instead of going to the hospital. I had been out at his place one night before. Mrs. Cliff sent me to bed when I got there and looked after me until this morning, when I came back to the barracks. She washed my underclothes, socks and handkerchiefs besides seeing that I was fed about five times a day. Her son once thought of going to Edmonton as Pa’s assistant but went to Harvard instead. One of the Cliff girls knew Mrs. Duclos at college. I will put Mrs. Cliff’s address at the end of the letter and wish you would write her.

 We are taking 275 men instead of 250 and there is going to be a third University Company.

 Everyone is trying on their full kit. We have to march down to the boat at seven thirty.

 I am sending a broach to Tina. I hope she gets it alright.

 I will have to close now as it is getting near Mess Parade.

Your loving son,
Alec R. McQueen