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Date: June 18th 1916
Malcom (Mac)

Bramshott Camp
Hants 1916.06.18

My Dear May,

Sunday is hardly the first day of the week if I can’t write to you. This morning I wrote to Dad and Mother but again I have a slight inspiration to write even if I can’t find anything worth your notice to write about.

Today I am just a bit lonesome because the whole day seems to be made up of reminders of old times and pleasures. The day began with the departure of the draft for the 13th and I began to realize the stern reality that there was no more Murray over in France to see. The fact that for an object in view seems to have changed my whole outlook in the war and as soon as my bit is done I will be very glad to go home again or to stay there. I am quite ready for whatever happens. Marion write such inspiring letters to help one achieve the higher life! She little realizes the full force of them. Then Sam Hannop had a visit from his wife and little boy who looked not unlike Bruce. Joe Coley and I then attended Divine Service in Bramshott (Anglican) Church. Although [] the service is quite simple and quite a bit like the Presbyterian A Bishop preached and it is not often that one hears so powerful a sermon. Two of the hymns were “Abide With Me” and “For All the Saints”. Probably at a time corresponding is this at home you are singing these very hymns. My thoughts are far away over there with you and now I realize more than ever the truth of the two lines I read on a soldier’s tombstone yesterday.

Peace Perfect Peace with loved ones far away,

In Jesus’ keeping are safe and they

It is not often that I allow myself to let my feeling get the better of me but once in awhile I think it is a good thing. Even if I do get a bit emotionally once in a while May don’t let yourself think for one moment that I am the least bit downhearted or glum for am always as cheerful and lighthearted as you know I was in Montreal. It helps one considerably to wear a smiling face.

I remain

Your affectionate brother


Ted has his commission and will leave the reg’t shortly. He will make a brilliant officer, has proven himself a true soldier, and will be a very desirable friend. Mac

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