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Date: February 4th 1917
Malcolm (Mac)

Feb 4 1917

My Dear Mother,

Sunday again and another week of the war finished: I guess we can count the duration now in months – pretty soon it will be weeks. There will be only our disappointment in going back: there are so many food restrictions coming out that we’ll have to travel about 10 miles between restaurants before we get enough to eat. And believe me I haven’t deteriorated any in the eating line – Since coming down here and getting paid I have had a chance to try myself out again. With the immense sum of 70 francs ($14) I proceeded to the estaminet” (restaurant and booser combined). I got away with 3 plates of chips, 4 eggs and a cutlet, a good amount of bread and butter, and 3 mugs of coffee. After that I just began to feel comfortable but didn’t continue the occupation.

Then, yesterday being a half holiday, we went into a town about 7 kilos (3 miles) from here to see what we could see. The town wasn’t bad – about the size of Cornwall. There are dozens and dozens of trinket, jewelry, and novelty shops. Three of us went into every of the shops and bought something everywhere. Between us we dropped about 100 or 120 fr. ($20 or so). I have as a result, a pair of pliers, a pair of scissors, some brushes and note paper. We spent a bit of money but we had some fun and Money isn’t any object in this country. I know I’ve given a nice little amount away since my return to the unit – xmas. It’s real estate we’re after out here and money in hand is not much use.

Now I’m back to normal once more with about 20 f. and everything is beautiful and the good is suspended at a tremendous altitude.

I suppose you’ll be losing the snow again. We had about 5 weeks of good stiff frost and we’re looking forwards to warmer weather now with somewhat of expectation.

Love to all
Your loving son


Cpl MacDonell
73rd R.H.C.

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