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Date: January 12th 1918
Malcolm (Mac)

Convalescent Hospital
Jan. 12, 1918

My Dear Mother,

Sunday again and I’m in still a different place – we don’t spend two Sundays in the same place very often and I don’t think I’ll break the general rule by staying here very long. For I’m pretty fit now and will be ready for the treadmill before long. The only reason that I’m staying for a week is because I asked for a heart test on account of the slight dose of gas which I got at P. The examination proved satisfactory to both the arm and myself so my category will be a high one.

I have met several fellows whom I know – among them Porky Lebas (who went to Paris on Escort with me) and Langley (both 42nd Sigs). After I had met those two and several others I was ready for anyone but still it was a surprise to meet the youngest of the Green boys at communion service today. I forget his first name. They’re the Greens that lived in Handy’s house.

This is a big camp – I estimate its population at about 7x the size of L. and there are plenty Y.M.s and soldiers’ clubs about. There are fairly good concerts every night at 1d price so we shant lack entertainment while we’re here.

I’m enclosing a snap which our herring-choker (McKenzie McG. Siege Btty) took at the Middlesen. Gee! But I was sorry to leave Clacton.

I’ll adjourn now to read some heavy stuff – Dante’s Inferno “From the Sublime …. Etc!” eh

Love to all


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