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Date: January 20th 1918
Malcolm (Mac)

Hut 87 A Div.
CCH Woodcote Park
Jan 20/18

My Dear Dad,

Once more Sunday comes and I’m not gone yet – possibly I’ll have to stay another week. Not because of any sickness but it is just a fellow’s luck that keeps him here. Of course if he’s sick he stays but if he isn’t, then he just has to await his time. But I’m for making out that I’m jake on the next inspection – Tuesday for I don’t care to hang around here any longer than is necessary. I’ve got a temporary job in charge of the sgt’s mess but I’m going to chuck it as soon as I can. I’ve tried many a job in the army but I won’t stick to any but signaling.

On leaving here I get 12 days leave to Edinburgh and then go back to Bramshott again. There I may be given a job as I know my work pretty well and am experienced in the use of the latest phone. If they do give me an instructor’s place I’ll stick for a while but I have to go back to Flanders then “Send for Mary Ann” (ce ne fait rien). I don’t care where they put me so long as it is not Paschaendale.

I had a letter from Bob Mack yesterday and I guess his pleurisy must have been bad as he is still in hospital (#4 Ca.Gen.).

I had a letter from Mr. Fuller not long ago in which he asked for you but I have burned the letter with a bunch of old ones. I’ll go and see him when I get leave (soon I hope) and if I have an extra half day in London I think I’ll go up to Bowes Park and see the Lawsons (Harold Hodgins’ people). I have quite a busy time in store for myself – going to see people, seeing what I didn’t see before (The Guild Hall for instance), and seeing some shows. Who knows but I may chance to see Mr McMaster, Mrs Fraser will tell me how to find him. There’s only one thing I want to see him for and that is to get into the House of Commons to hear the speeches. And that’s only London. I am half building on Perth Aberdeen and Glasgow too. In Perth at least I’m bound to find friends for that is the home of the R. High[] and we have the freedom of the barracks there.

I intent to send home a bundle of snaps which I have collected, for safe keeping. I have too many to carry in my pockets. Then I’ll start collecting more and I have another book, similar to the one Bob Dunlop mailed for me, but I’m going to leave it in “the Smoke” as I won’t trust the mails now. Miss Mills will keep it for me until I can take it home myself.

A cablegram from Ted to his father announced that he had arrived at Port Said. Lucky old Ted! I wish I could get into the R.F.C. or R.N.A.S. I suppose I could if I tried hard but the infantry will have to do for me I guess.

Times are slow, no mail has come yet so I can’t go on any longer. I hope that everyone is jake and that your cold is not with you this winter.

Fondest love to all
Your loving son


c/o Mills

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