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Date: September 10th 1918
Malcolm (Mac)

Seaford Sussex
Sept 10 1918

My Dear May, -

Yours of Aug 19 made good time arriving last night and I’ll tell you that I got it and sent it on to Ewan tonight.

It was rather a coincidence that it should arrive telling of washing day just as I was about to dip some of my own clothes. And it was another bit of luck that it should rain from that time to this – hence my beautifully clean and []-of-my-heart washing is still hanging on the privet hedge behind the tent.

You asked me how I was faring as regards money on my leaves. Now May, I haven’t hesitated to ask for what I wanted in the past and I’ve never sent anything (but my best regards) home so I’ll ask again when I’m really in need. But the need will hardly arise for Ewan has been very very generous to me – besides paying my expenses on leave he has given me an amount of money the size of which I fear to guess.

Anyway it has already exceeded a year’s army pay on this side. That’s Wean! To say that I’m not living at ease would be stretching a point.

There’s a YM Concert on and just now a quartette singing “Softly fall the Shades of Evening”. Do you remember it? That maybe is some excuse for the disjointed appearance of this missive.

Your mention of Mrs McM reminds me that I haven’t written her for years – or so it seems. Well, anyway, I don’t forget her – and Sara McC being in Lancaster reminds me of how Web put it across us – how many years ago? Four or three?

So the Auld Kirk has sprung into prominence this summer eh? I’m glad to hear it and it will prove the joy of Dad’s and many other people’s hearts.

There’ll be some class to Front Street now if the Corporation will only make an aquarium proper out of the “Hot poles” – I remember the many minutes I spent wondering why there were poles and why hot.

(Music now – Tales from Hoffman)

I’ll try to find out George Stewart if I stay here long enough and will do the usual – find out what he wants.

After the above music I can’t go on without getting sentimental so I’d better stop. Paper doesn’t match “mais ce ne fait rien.”

Love to all


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