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Date: October 6th 1918
Malcolm (Max)

Oct 6. ‘18
2:30 pm

My Dear Mother,

For once I didn’t overstay my pass (arrived back at 11:30 and was due at noon) and for once I consider myself stung for, had I stayed away I might have got away with three extra days as the cay. commander didn’t answer my telegram and it was reply paid. But the cat came back and, as the camp is in quarantine with Spanish flu, stayed.

Tomorrow morning I start work again – wagging flags etc. at the school.

A bunch of letters awaited my arrival and, after a long silence, they were welcome. Dave had told me about all there was in May’s letter of Sept 10 but it was good to hear it all again.

So May is going to teach again this fall eh! If we were home again I’m afraid that her old excuse “I’ll sit on it” wouldn’t be any good. However she is only doing it to help out and I hope they find another teacher soon. And I guess I shouldn’t say much for I have a hunch that you don’t think much of my transferring back to the infantry although you don’t say it. Right now before you do say it let me say that, although Ewan was against my coming back too, I weighed it up pretty well myself and, having had the experience, thought I knew just what I was doing. My stay in France was made very pleasant by the different fellows with whom I worked and, if I go back, they’ll do it again, so – why worry. Don’t worry about me for even if I am the only one who isn’t an officer in the family I’ll get along very well indeed.

Bob MacA. Is fine and fit as ever and that infectious optimism shining all over his face is as bright as ever. A few nights ago he and I were talking over old times and he commented on our rapid promotion saying that if we got a stripe every two years we’d be generals – sometime.

Dave and Carl have five weeks training ahead of them now but although it looks long to them they’ll be through it before they know their way about Folkestone. Perhaps they’ll come to Bramshott –and I hope they do too.

Jack D. looks fine and seemingly has a good job. Alexander was on leave so I didn’t see him. But we did see Jessie Maude and were to have tea with her tonight. Instead I’ll be the guest of His Majesty.

This is all for this afternoon Mother so I’ll cry quits.

Ewan, as I said in my cable, is OK.

Love to all
Your loving son


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