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Date: July 20th 1918
Mr. Irwin


Dear Mr. Irwin,

Received your letter for which I thank you very much.  Also received one from Karl just the night before and when he wrote his letter to me he had not heard as yet when and where you would be moving.  You are getting a nice move in many respects I believe.  I am sure you are going to a fine place and also it is not very far from your old home.  You will be able to visit Norwood occasionally since the distance is not great.  I wouldn’t mind visiting the old town myself for a few days again.

A very sorry in one sense you are leaving because now I shall not receive much news of the current events.  My brother not being there now and you having moved away practically annihilates my source of news.  Of course I hear once in a great while from two or three other people up there but I think I could safely say not more than two or three letters a year.

By the way there is a family by the name of Brown who is living very close to where you will be and no doubt you shall meet them soon even if they are Presbyterian.  They know Rev Clancy quite well.  One of the boys ‘Arthur” used to be in my section in Canada and is out here now with me.  He is at Sig. school at present before being posted with battalion.  He is the only boy in the Regt. now that I really knew before coming to France so it is indeed a pleasure.  Am sure Karl was disappointed but no doubt he will get out again.  The news in more favorable again today.

Weather still keeps fine with the exceptions of occasional turns of terrific heat and showers.

Give my best regards to Mrs. Irwin and family.  Wishing you lots of success and happiness in your new home.

Sincerely yours

A Wellman

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