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Date: April 8th 1918

Apr. 8/18

Dear Dad- I don’t know hardly how to write a letter from here I would have written on Sunday but there don’t seem to be any Sun. here. 

We were paid the other day and yesterday I tried to buy a lead pencil but I only had a ten franc note and nobody could change it here so I went over to the next village and got it changed there. The money system here is good but they have very little small change and the most of that is paper of a poor quality that soon gets torn and it is mixed with English money and the English is worth more than the French so it don’t work out good. 

Well we are out on working parties every day but we can hear the guns and often see the shells bursting around the aeroplanes and if you want to leave camp you have to take your gas mask. 

I saw miff the day before yesterday, as soon as I get a chance I must look him up I am going to try and transfer him as soon as I reach the Bn I don’t know where the 47th Bn are now but I guess I will find them some day soon. 

This is a great farming country. You can dig six feet and deep thru straight clay and there are absolutely no stones. The French ploughs are all reversible and they never leave any dead furrows. I saw a binder here the other day. The French drive their horses with one line and it is only attached to one horse and the other tied to it. Well dad I guess this will do for good night so good bye for now your loving son Bev