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Date: November 29th 1918
E B Nash

Witley Nov. 29th

Dear Dad. Just a few lines tonight I sent home a box of Holly. Hope it gets there all right but it was a pretty poor box but the only one I could get. I thought it would be as good a thing as I as I could send for Xmas. I tried to get some mistletoe but couldn’t.

I am at the A.S.C. “afternoon sleeping club” at present. I am taking Milfs place. He had to go back to the Bn. and do some training and be inoculated I don’t know how long I will be here.

Alex Hastie was up here yesterday.  He is on 14 days leave from France and looks fine. Adair was buried last Monday. When I wrote you last we were forbidden to say anything about him until after the inquest. They decided it was suicide while temporarily insane. I have just heard that Capt Vanstone  A. CO commander, Major Campbell and Capt. Wood adjt were out during this afternoon when they were hit by a Taxi and the horse killed. Capt Wood is unconscious in the hospital Major Campbell had his leg broken but Vanstone got off scarcely hurt. It seems as iff they were always hurting someone.

One of the A.S.C. officers announced that they expected the first shipment of Canadian tobacco would arrive about Dec 10th. It is coming duty free and will be a great relief. I wrote a card tonight asking you to vote for the Union Government and I thought I had better write and explain or you might think I was crazy.  The officer wanted us to write a card and ask you to support conscription and as he provided the cards and as it would please him and wouldn’t do me any harm I thought I might as well write it. Milf was at Bramshott last Sunday but I wasn’t. Rollie will be down next. Sunday.

What are they doing on election over there. I think it will be about unanimous here. I see that Bowman and Hyslop are running in North Huron. We get a small paper distributed thru the camp every day called ‘Canada’, and it gives the most important news.

Well dad I guess that is all I can write about. Give my love to all the folks

Your loving son