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Date: September 21st 1915

23rd Battalion,
Dibgate Camp
Sept. 21st, 1915.

Dearest Folks:

I intended to write last night but was unable to do so, so am just scribbling a few lines this morning to let you know that the tight little Island still persists in sticking to the map despite the Zeppelins and all their works. The mail closes to-night and I just wanted to have something in it for you, as the next one is not until Friday, so you will understand this short note.

I am on a bomb throwing course of instruction at present. Started yesterday and I believe it goes on for about three weeks. I think it should be quite good, and of course is very practical, as grenades are absolutely indispensable in the present trench fighting. Anyway, it helps to fill in the time, which was beginning to drag a little after I got rid of my Frenchmen. I had a note from Major Smith from the front the other day. There was some mix-up in the Transport Office and they got him mixed up with somebody else, sent him away down somewhere in France with about 600 of Kitchener’s Army under his wing and in his imperturbable way he went without any fuss and stayed with them about a week, finally landing up with the Canadian Division. He says that everything is quiet and he doesn’t think they will ask for us for a while yet.

Arnold returned from his course at Ongar yesterday amidst great sensation. He has been asked for by the 15th Bn. (48th Highlanders) and leaves in a day or two much to our disgust. It appears he saw some of the 15th officers in London and suggested that he would as soon go there, as he is a 48th man, as wait around for the 3rd. Apparently they helped things along and Col, Marshall asked for him. Great dismay in the 35th companies!

Well dears, I must run as I have to go to Moore barracks a mile away. A long letter to-night.

Yours lovingly,

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