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Date: March 26th 1916
Mr. Errol Platt
Mrs. Evelyn Gunn

[Evelyn Gunn's son, a soldier in Platt's platoon, had been recently killed in action. See also letter of 1916-04-05.]

143 Seabank Road,
Liscard, Cheshire,
Sunday, 26th. March 1916.

My dear Mr. Platt:

Thank you so much for your kind letter received this morning. It was delightfully good of you to reply. I know, judging from the papers daily what a very strenuous time you have been going thro’ lately. The marvel to me is how any of you escape - and it is doubly hard on you officers, because the leading your men, and thinking for and of your men, must take it out of you mentally in as great a degree as physically - so you great brave souls bear a double burden - the men have only to do as they are told, and only in a tight corner can act on their own initiative.

Oddly enough I heard too from the War Office to-day, who tell me Wellesley made a will in favor of his fiancee in Toronto, whom he was devoted to, and all his effects are to be sent to her. I don’t know her except thro’ him, and poor darling he tried to tell me all about his will when I was at Folkestone with him in June last, but I couldn’t bear to discuss the matter at all, so I begged him not to mention it.

Tho’ you and I are just "Ships passing in the Night’’ and too dark pro tern to do more than "Hail each other" I am so grateful for your "thought of me" and so really interested because I know from your way of expressing yourself you must be a truly charming brave man. May I say, that tho’ I don’t wish to bombard you with my "thoughts on paper", I would love to hear how you get on, that is, if you could find time to send me, a stranger, (tho’ I don’t feel a bit as if you were a stranger) a P.C. once in a while to tell me the glad news you are "well".

You may have for all I know many dear ones to write to, and few opportunities to do so. My heart was centred in the fighting line where my boy was, and remains there, where his dear body lies, and because you so kindly appreciated him, as to be good to me, I think you crept into a corner of my heart in French soil and remain there as a living interest, so please don’t accuse me of having kissed the Blarney Stone.

I do trust you will return covered in glory and without a scratch and it won’t need an obvious V.C. to prove that, as many deserving more than glory get outwardly nothing to show. So please take good care of your nice self and smile because "another is added to the list of those who take a real interest in your doings". Some day we may "Shake" and be the best of friends, if not I shall hope to meet you and my jolly son together.

I knew no other Tommies but Tells at the front, so if you know of anything I could possibly do to cheer up men a tiny bit, - any one - I shall be delighted to try.

It is snowing hard here to-day, everything white, and so cold I’m nearly "frozzed", as I am cat-like in my disgust for cold, and lamb-like when I am warm and comfy. I am an awful chatterbox (as you know to your cost).

I'd better say ”Au revoir", hoping good luck will trip you up every moment of your time.

Yours V. Sincerely,

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