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Date: May 14th 1916
Mr. A.T. Platt
Members of No.11 Platoon

May 14th, 1916.

Mr. A.T. Platt,
1574 King St., W.,

Dear Sir:-

Your comrades of No.11 Platoon have learned with sorrow that you and your family have been called upon to make the greatest of all sacrifices, for the cause of the Empire and of Right, in the loss of your gallant son. That Lieut. Errol Platt was, both as officer and gentleman, a son of whom you were justly proud can for the present only add to the bitterness of your sense of loss and in this connection we can only respectfully tender you and your family our deepest sympathy, We may, however, be permitted to remind you that in due time the memory of the manner of his life and of his death must surely become your most valued possession.

Your presence in line on Thursday night was an added proof that the stock from which Lieut. Platt came knows how to meet calamity.

We are, Sir, yours very sincerely,

H.M. Hewitson
A.T. Coons
Geo. Ashwood
H. Switzer
W.H. Wise
Joseph Hobson
W. Harrison
Frank Mundy
A.A. Gresham
Cyril Gresham
A.R.C. Harris
Ed. Craigie
Geo Robertson
A. Earl

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